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On the way to PlanetProof certification

On the Way to PlanetProof is a certification programme which certifies milk and eggs as well as plant and vegetable products to a set of standards they deem places 'less and less burden on the earth and are gradually making their sector more sustainable'.

The inclusion of milk under the label ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ is highly misleading. Milk is one of the most emissions-intensive food products with methane from cows being a major source of climate pollution. Yet the criteria the company use to deem milk ‘PlanetProof’ does not adequately prioritise this.

The certification covers positive animal welfare criteria as well as steps like utilising manure and purchasing green electricity, which will have an impact on overall emissions, but given the vast majority of dairy production emissions come from cow burps, milk remains far from ‘PlanetProof’.

The certification is, amongst others, used by FrieslandCampina, a major European dairy company which emits 16.3 million tonnes of CO2 eqivalent per year. Showing this certificcation label makes products from a major emitter seem much more sustainable than they are.