Licence to Greenwash

How certification schemes and voluntary initiatives are fuelling fossil fashion (Changing Markets Foundation, 2022)

Fossil Fashion

Fossil fashion: the hidden reliance of fast fashion on fossil fuels (Changing Markets Foundation, 2021)

Synthetics Anonymous

Synthetics Anonymous: fashion brands’ addiction to fossil fuels (Changing Markets Foundation, 2021)

Greenwashing Explained (video)

Corporations Don’t Care About You (Or The Planet) (Our Changing Climate, 2022)


The Great Greenwashing Machine (EcoAge, 2021)

The False Promise of Certification

The false promise of certification in textiles, palm oil and fisheries (Changing Markets Foundation, 2018)

Downcyling PET bottles to clothes (video)

Why making clothes from plastic bottles will not solve fashion’s waste crisis (Changing Markets Foundation, 2021)