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Aldi, Landmilch

Aldi is selling milk that it has labelled climate neutral. The label comes from Climate Partner and is based entirely on offsetting.

In total for this project, Aldi have purchased offsets which they state are equal to 60,000,000 kgs of Co2. However, offsetting projects are unreliable and difficult to measure and as such are a false solution to emissions reductions.

These offsets include tree planting, soil carbon, clean drinking water and renewable energy projects. All offsets rely on the idea that the emissions prevention or storage would not have otherwise happened without the offset funding and yet whilst it is positive Climate Partner are transparent about the project, it is not clear how any of the projects listed fulfil that criteria.

What’s more, dairy production is one of the highest emissions food production processes due to methane emissions from animals, or climate impacts of their feed and land conversion. To claim a dairy product is sustainable because of offsetting is misleading consumers about the true impact of the product.

Doesn't reflect full life cycle