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Mission Climate

Innocent, owned by Coca-Cola, is a company very vocal about its green credentials, advertising their products as "drinks that do good for the planet”.

Innocent are no strangers to greenwashing accusations. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority banned an Innocent ad in 2022 after it was found that it exaggerated the total environmental benefit of the products featured. On this specific single-use plastic bottle, the company announced its “big dream to fight climate change”, by reducing their CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. Yet they did not disclose their emissions or how they’re intending to reach this target. Whilst reductions are vital, this is a future goal for which Innocent is already trying to reap the marketing rewards before it had been accomplished.

For the remaining 50% of the emissions, they are funding several reforestation projects around the world – but no additional information or link is provided as evidence of this. What’s more, offsetting projects are unreliable and difficult to measure and as such are a false solution to emissions reductions and should not be used to address climate impact of products.

Innocent state they are also supporting rewilding in France and ask customers to scan a QR code to choose which project they should support. It is not clear whether this is considered part of their climate neutral claim or a separate project.