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Hello Fresh: The First Global Carbon-Neutral Recipe Box Company

Hello Fresh, the meal prep delivery company, claim on their website they’re carbon-neutral when, in reality, their only action is offsetting their delivery emissions. As a company which delivers high-emissions food products, like meat and dairy, and relies on single-use packaging, to claim carbon neutrality without accounting for these is like rewarding yourself for giving up junk food when all you’ve done is stop having mayonnaise with your fries.

Hello Fresh’ sustainability claims, prominently displayed on their website, also refer to reductions in emissions from moving away from plastic packaging but all the examples given still contain plastic. They have simply opted for lighter weight plastics or packaging that is plastic combined with cardboard or aluminium, both being actions which generally make a product unrecyclable. This includes opting for sachets over tubs or cartons over bottles.

Hello Fresh also have a climate conscious range, but all of these options include dairy, fish and meat. Not only is this a patchy idea of what a ‘climate conscious’ meal might be, but it also sends the wrong message to consumers about sustainable food choices when increasing plant-based diets is the best opportunity for mitigating climate change through what we eat. Furthermore, as of March 2023, the site offers no vegan options at all showing a lack of interest in moving customers to genuinely low-emissions food.

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