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Yilli's Changqing, Carbon neutral yoghurt

Yilli, the fifth largest dairy company globally and the largest in China, claim to have created China’s first carbon neutral yoghurt range.

Yilli state the carbon neutral yoghurt claim involves emissions reductions across the supply chain but do not provide evidence of the emissions they have reduced or how they meet the claim of carbon neutral. Instead Yilli lists activities like using renewable energy in factories but omit details about the levels of emissions from the production itself (i.e. methane produced by cows).

In 2022, Changing Markets published a joint report estimating the emissions of 15 of the biggest meat and dairy companies globally, including Yilli whose emissions were estimated to be 22.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year. Yilli, despite being such a vast company , does not have a climate target which shows the lack of a holistic approach to climate emergency and reliance on piecemeal efforts like claiming carbon neutrality for a product range.

Yilli extend the greenwashing for this ‘carbon neutral’ range to plastic waste by promoting the idea of consumers using their yoghurt pots as plant pots. Such a move is little more than a gimmick and puts the onus on consumers rather than reviewing their supply chains to provide reusable options.



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