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Gustavo Gusto Carbon Neutral pizza

German frozen pizza company, Gustavo Gusto, proudly declared that they produce the first climate neutral frozen pizza.

To be able to claim that and display it on their products, they rely entirely on offsetting, with no apparent effort to reduce emissions. Offsetting projects are unreliable and difficult to measure and as such are a false solution to emissions reductions.

Their pizzas also contain a number of high emissions ingredients such as cheese and salami, and they fail to disclose any efforts to move to lower emissions ingredients.

The company also has their own tree planting scheme. They state that  they are planting trees every six minutes in Brazil. It appears though that this approach, to plant every 6 minutes, isn’t based on a scientific understanding of their emissions but they state on ‘how long on average our pizza is in the oven’. Tree planting is a positive act but without efforts to reduce emissions, it is little more than a gimmick used to create a green image.

Following criticism, including from Foodwatch Germany, Gustavo Gusto have since removed the label from the consumer facing packaging however they continue to display the claim on their website.

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