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Holle: Klima positiv

Green claims are particularly prevalent for marketing milk and food products for babies and children, as is evident on this Holle Bio follow-on milk sold in Germany that claims to be ‘Climate Positive’. The company claim they have achieved this by reducing emissions and offsetting ‘unavoidable’ emissions, however they provide no information on how much they have reduced emissions by, simply sharing a colourful diagram of some ways they’ve reduced emissions from parts of their supply chain.

For their emissions reductions, Holle uses a combination of offsetting within their own supply chain as well as carbon credits for an external project. The offsetting within their supply chain, or what they term ‘insetting’, is simply soil improvement at two farms. For their external offset, Holle are funding a forest protection project in Zimbabwe: Kariba Forest Conservation Project, which since 2011 claims to have offset an average of 3.5 million tonnes of carbon a year. However no evidence is provided on how many carbon credits Holle have claimed through funding this project and how it compares to the emissions in their supply chains.

Holle may have some environmental credentials by being organic (Bio) but to claim a dairy product is climate positive is misleading.


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