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Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board: Eat Balanced

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s ‘Eat Balanced’ campaign claims red meat in the UK is the most sustainable in the world, but leaves the question - most sustainable in comparison to what?

We Eat Balanced have published more misleading information in an attempt to greenwash the image of meat in the UK. Backed up by a consumer survey, this campaign and media explicitly targets consumer interest in climate and the environment out of concerns over reduced meat consumption.

To do this, they’re presenting red meat produced in the UK as sustainable. However, this cannot be separated from the overconsumption of meat and does not substantiate assertions about red meat being green or sustainable in general. For example, in the UK people on average consume 220g of red meat per day, in addition to white meat, processed meat and fish, whereas The EAT-Lancet Commission review recommends 14g of red meat per day and no processed meat.

AHDB cherry picks the information that makes meat in the UK appear sustainable and purposefully highlights the ‘most sustainable’ and green colours and descriptions in an effort to suggest meat consumption in the UK is sustainable. In reality it is just that by weight it has lower emissions than meat produced in some other countries but is still a high emissions food.


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