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Bud Light NEXT Climate Neutral

Anheuser-Busch worked with Climate Neutral to claim its Bud Light NEXT beer was ‘climate neutral’, appealing to a climate conscious consumer with a brand they claim is ‘breaking barriers’ and using the vague phrase ‘net zero future’.

Closer exploration of the company’s plans behind this claim show that at the time of writing they had offset current emissions and had ‘plans’ to reduce emissions in the future. By seeking to promote a product based on emissions savings they have not yet achieved and haven’t set out in detail, Bud Light NEXT is putting the cart before the horse.

The company spent $50,250 on carbon credits which, when used with misleading claims such as ‘climate neutral’ and to state the company ‘creates a better future for our consumers and the next generations to come’ is little more than a cheap marketing tactic. What’s more, offsetting is a false solution to climate mitigation as offsets are unreliable and difficult to measure.


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