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Candia: Label Bas Carbone

This French government backed greenwashing, the Low Carbon Label (Label Bas Carbone), is used to present a green veneer for dairy companies.

The label was developed by the French Ministry of the Environment and allows farmers to enter a scheme whereby they implement measures on farms to reduce their emissions so as to sell carbon credits in the future on the basis of these reductions. However, this scheme was introduced in 2019 and Candia announces on its website that the level of emission reduction on the 13 supplier farms involved enrolled in the scheme will not be known before 2025. Meanwhile, although the level of reduction is still unknown, the brand already claims from now that its milk is ‘low carbon’ on its packaging.

Milk is a high emissions food product, however the image presented by this label and the marketing around the products misleads consumers by suggesting it’s green and sustainable.

Low Carbon Label approach of the dairy farms that Sodiaal celebrates involves activities like planting trees and improving soil fertility, however dairy farming is still one of the most emissions intensive protein productions and to label it low-carbon is therefore misleading.


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