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Carex by Cussons Dermacare moisture antibacterial hand wash refill 500 ml

Cussons own-brand, Carex, sells this plastic pouch to refill for their plastic soap bottles. Yet they are replacing their PET hand wash soap bottles, which are at least partially recyclable, with unrecyclable flexible packaging pouches which only cover around 2 refills before needing to be replaced themselves.

Carex also claims front and center of their packaging that these pouches can be recycled through Terracycle, yet a recent investigation revealed that the use of the Terracycle service requires a disproportionate amount of effort on behalf of the consumer, who has to find rare collection points, and even then there are limits to how much material can be returned and what is actually recycled. It is also unlikely that this will be recycled into new packaging, and is more likely to be downcycled, if at all.

Whereas many brands are trialing in-store refill stations, this is a lazy solution which does not avoid unnecessary plastic and should not count as true refill.