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Heinz By Nature

Heinz By Nature’s range of baby and toddler food uses the idea of nature and natural food as their branding. In reality these products contain high quantities of both meat and dairy – key drivers of climate emissions, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

This subtle greenwashing by Heinz plays to the marketing approach of presenting meat and dairy as a core element of a natural diet and as in harmony with nature. By creating a baby and toddler range in line with that, they’re using parental concerns for children’s health to develop that association in diets from a young age.

None of the ingredients listed are labelled as organic or carry any other sustainability labels, which suggests that all the ‘by nature’ claims merely means  that the ingredients are not artificial. This is far from an achievement worthy of basing the entire branding on and instead is, ‘cherry-picking’ information relating to a very minor aspect of a product (language used in the Competition and Markets Authority green claims guidance).


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