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New sustainable greenwash

Spanish dairy company Pascual claim their packaging is sustainable because it comes from 89% renewable sources like paper.

However in reality, this mix of materials for packaging make it hard to recycle.

Additionally, this green claim – displayed on milk – is only focused on the packaging. This dairy company also boasts being mindful about their greenhouse gas emissions when in 2021 they registered their emissions to Spain’s Climate Change’s Office. Most of the emissions from dairy companies come from the production of milk and dairy products, in particular methane emissions. Looking at their website, Pascual do not provide a breakdown of their emissions and mainly focus on carbon emissions reductions, such as those coming from transport or energy. For their emissions from farms, the explanation is also focused on carbon and is vague about reduction measures. Furthermore, the emissions of their milk and dairy products are only considered per unit of product, rather than as an absolute reduction.

Without acknowledging all the emissions that come from milk and dairy products, the green labelling and the focus on packaging misleads consumers as to the true impact of the product.



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