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SHEIN's sustainability page

When ultra fast fashion giant SHEIN starts telling you they're sustainable, you know you're really scraping the barrel. They claim to be more sustainable because of their small production volumes (50-100) per piece, despite releasing thousands of new styles daily (over 6,000 items were listed under the "New In" tab at the time of writing).

They claim, without supporting evidence, that their use of recycled polyester has ‘little impact’ on the environment and reduces damage in comparison to the original material. However, turning PET bottles into polyester fragments the material to such an extent that it cannot be recycled further.

SHEIN tells us about their take-back scheme for unwanted clothes, for which they’ll give you vouchers to buy more clothing. Finally, they tell us their meetings are kept to a minimum to conserve paper and electricity. That’ll be those sustainability strategy meetings, presumably…

The brand would do better to reduce their overproduction of clothes rather than engage in token gestures.