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Danish Crown: Climate controlled pork

Danish Crown claimed their pork products were “more climate friendly than you think” and labelled their products "climate controlled pig". They’ve since pulled the labelling and the marketing campaign after retailers stated they misled consumers and so they wouldn’t accept the labels on products in their stores.

Danish Crown publicly stated they stand by their statements as the company is making an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of pork production. Similar claims have continued to be made by the company, including a Facebook post in the UK referring to the gammon products coming from ‘climate-controlled farms’ in Denmark and a branded van in the UK with the slogan ‘On our way towards a sustainable future’.


A complaint to the consumer protection agency is currently pending in Denmark with Greenpeace claiming Danish Crown used marketing to give the impression that there’s a climate advantage with their products compared to other similar products, despite the fact Danish Crown cannot provide evidence for this. The company developed a private label for this claim but provided no documentation to show there is a significant advantage between labelled products and other products. Danish Crown’s Life Cycle Analysis is not specific to their products, being focused instead on all Danish pork, and they do not cover the full supply chain and life-cycle of their products.



Regardless, even if Danish Crown could document the climate advantages compared to other pork products, these are negated by the fact that pork products in general are climate damaging.

Further, a climate lawsuit – Vegetarian Society et al. of Denmark v. Danish Crown – is pending over the same misleading statements from Danish Crown. See more here. 

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