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JBS' Net Zero by 2040 plan

The largest meat processor in the world, JBS, committed to reach net-zero emissions by 2040. Sadly, it’s clearly too good to be true, as the company is still investing in growing their operations and haven’t produced any credible plan to back its goal.

Given JBS’ huge greenhouse gas footprint (287.9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year), it’s critical it has a climate goal, sadly this one doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Almost two years have passed since this commitment and the company has yet to produce a credible plan to meet it. This has not stopped the company populating their website and several of their brand websites highlighting its ambitious climate target.

JBS’ net-zero claim was recently called out by the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau, who stated it was misleading to consumers and unsubstantiated. Although there was recognition that the company has started to think about their climate impact, the Bureau recommended JBS stop using the claim.

This was the second blow for the company in 2023 regarding their tactic of over-selling their ’green’ credentials. MightyEarth, a campaigning environmental NGO lodged a whistleblower complaint against JBS with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise the flag that the JBS’ Sustainability bonds, linked to to its net-zero claims, were fraudulent and have been misleading investors, because the company failed to report their total supply chain emissions.


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