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Simply Milk, New Zeland’s First Carbon Zero Milk

Fonterra, New Zealand based dairy company, have created Simply Milk, a product line whose brand identity is focused around its ‘Carbon Zero’ claim.

However, this claim is based entirely on offsetting. Offsetting projects, whether that’s through nature restoration or energy projects, are unreliable and difficult to measure and as such are a false solution to emissions reductions. Using offsets to claim a specific product is carbon neutral can also be misleading to consumers, who expect real emissions reductions with such claims.

In the small print Fonterra highlight some reductions per bottle, but their goal is just 2.4%. They say they will do this through emissions reports and energy and water efficiency. The former will not reduce emissions as this is simply recording them, while the latter is more of a cost saving exercise and doesn’t in fact tackle the main source of emissions at all, which is enteric fermentation (methane from cows digestive systems). Additionally, by focusing on very small reductions per bottle, Fonterra is leaving room for their overall emissions growth to far outweigh this if they sell more milk.



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