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Cathedral City Cheddar

Cathedral City cheese advert of its ‘Make it Better Cheddar’ as well as the Red Tractor promotion video depict just a few cows in a big open field, focusing heavily on the imagery of the perfect pastoral farm and suggesting the cows are pasture fed.

In reality, Cathedral City is a major industrial dairy company owned by Saputo Dairy who emits, as calculated in a report by Changing Markets in 2022, 18.1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases each year.

As the advert aired, the company had just been fined £1.5million for pollution which damaged rivers in Cornwall, UK and created smells so bad nearby residents were unable to sleep.

Their cattle are also partly fed on soya linked to widespread deforestation, contrary to the hay and grass images they focus on in the adverts and the idea of it being a product entirely of West Country origin.


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