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Carbon neutral

Candy Kittens sweets, founded by Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea fame (a UK reality TV show), claim to be carbon neutral, a label they’ve achieved through the voluntary scheme, Climate Partner.

Despite their green claim, they don’t disclose their emissions and only provide vague information on reducing emissions. The Climate Partner scheme is based entirely on offsetting with no transparency or details. This is problematic as they base their plan on offsetting first, before reducing their emissions from their operations and supply chains. This should be the other way around – reducing emissions as much as possible, then offsetting what it cannot be reduced. Offsetting is unreliable and difficult to measure and as such is a false solution to the emissions and climate impact of products. It should be the last resort in a credible company’s plan to reduce their emissions.

What’s more Candy Kitten’s offsets are claimed by supporting VCS rainforest protection projects in Peru which have since been discredited through an investigation by The Guardian, Die Zeit and Source Material that found more than 90% of their rainforest carbon offsets were ‘worthless’.



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