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Taste the Difference Reduced Carbon Beef

The major UK supermarket, Sainsburys, claims it's selling ‘Beef that’s Better for the Planet.’

Sainsburys has Sainsbury’s low carbon beef it says emits 25% less carbon under its Taste the Difference brand. But this masks the high impact of beef and is little more than greenwashing. 

The beef is measured to have 25% lower emissions than the UK industry average, a reduction they claim is achieved by integrating dairy and beef supply chains and monitoring feed and living conditions which results in the cows apparently growing faster and so are slaughtered at a younger age.

However, Sainsburys provides little detail to prove their claims. For instance claiming the beef is ‘grass-fed’ with no transparency or evidence for how much emissions this in fact reduced, is ‘a common form of meat-industry greenwashing’.

What’s more, promoting this product as ‘Better for the Planet’ is an arbitrary comparison when even a 25% reduction in emissions still leaves beef as the most carbon intensive food products. This is deliberate greenwashing that can seriously mislead consumers. 

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